Terrified of labour

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Terrified of labour

Postby Losboo » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:00 pm

Hello, this will be my first baby and I'm very excited but very scared. My husband is a great support and I think he's the reason I want children but when I was younger I was so scared of labour I said I'd adopt. Obviously now I'm older and I want own but I'm not saying I wouldn't like to Foster in the future. Can someone please tell me honestly how bad labour is and is it true that the hospitals try to stop you taking the epidural. I wanted to go private but my GP told me it was a waste of money especially in Limerick. I've heard some horror stories from the maternity incl 3 friends who ended up with severe scarring from the nurses trying to rush the labour. One of my friends had counseling as she had to have reconstructive surgery so to say I'm anxious is an understatement. My other friend also ended up in the emergency room from blood loss.
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Re: Terrified of labour

Postby MrsAM » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:38 pm

I've had three losboo, And honestly my pain threshold is non-existent and I still went ahead and had more so it's doable.

If you are insistent, you'll get the epidural. Most hospitals have a policy of I think 3cm before you can get it however so the hard work a lot of the time is up until then, as contractions are bloody painful. However they come and go so it's not like constant pain. And you can feel it build and get stronger and stronger and then you can feel it ease again and you get a breather. I had 2 with epidurals and one without (not by choice. I spent all day at 1cm and then went from 1-7-10 in half an hour.) I was absolutely petrified of having to do it without an epidural. I remember looking at my hubby and saying I can't do it. I just cant. But I did. I think I was probably in shock for a few days afterwards as everytime I thought about it I got the shakes :-D :Lol but I went on to have another one so I guess I got over it.

You'll do great. Be firm that you want an epidural (If you do) and don't accept pethidine as an alternative. They'll try fob you off with it.

Also an episiotomy is MUCH preferable to a natural tear for healing. I've had both and the healing from a tear took weeks to recover from. They give you a local anaesthetic for episiotomy so you don't feel it.

I guess my advice would be, be firm, don't let them push you around as when the midwives are incredibly busy They can do, without meaning to, and try be positive and calm. It's what our bodies were built for after all so you can do it. And you will be through it.
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