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Your opinions/advice

Postby Sionna » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:26 pm

I have found myself within a bit of bother with regards my private care. Looking for other people's opinions as it's making me really anxious.
I booked in with my consultant months ago, upon which she informed me she was taking a career break March 2018. Fine, I'm due February so happy to continue.
She has now informed me (at 30w) that my next appointment is probably my last with her (coincidence my final fee is due then!), and that I could transfer to any of the other consultants in the hospital or her husband (also a consultant).
So I called the other consultants today to speak about transferring. Upon which I was told no one is willing to take a patient at 30w. I'm so annoyed and upset that she must have lied to me from my booking appointment.
Long story short...should I pay the balance of the fee to transfer to her husband?I've heard good thing's, but he wasn't my first or second choice. Tbh I always wanted a female (silly maybe)
Alternative is to walk away now, keep my money (€1500 balance) and transfer to public system, if that's even still possible.
I would love to hear some other ladies opinions on what you would do!
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