Wondering about Doctor Apps! First Baby!

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Wondering about Doctor Apps! First Baby!

Postby Sophjenn2 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:19 pm

Hello everyone. :welcomewave I just found out 2 days ago thatI am pregnant with my first baby! I'm only about 4/5 weeks so it's very early days but I'm just wondering about doctors appointments. I am going to ring my Doctor first thing Monday morning just to get it confirmed by them so they can refer me onto the maternity hospital but I'm just curious as to what I should expect on that visit? And also once they have referred me will I get an appointment in the Maternity hospital ASAP so they can check me and make sure all is okay or will they wait until I'm at a certain amount of weeks before bringing me in? I feel like such a newbie asking but I'm full of queries and questions at the minute! :lol: Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Ladies :thanks
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Re: Wondering about Doctor Apps! First Baby!

Postby Purplebean » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:17 pm

Hey, I know your post was two weeks ago but maybe I can shed some light. At your gp appointment you need to bring a urine sample and she will confirm your pregnancy. She will ask questions and history. She will then ask if you have the referral forms for the hospital (you can download them online) and you can post them off with a letter she will give you to add inside.
The hospital will give you an appointment between 11 and 13 weeks. That's the booking appointment. It's a long one so be prepared. There are lots of questions and bloods done too. You may also get a scan that day to confirm your days but often they will give you a second date for scan so don't worry if they aren't on the same day. There is also part f the booking appointment that your partner isn't allowed to attend so maybe let him know in advance as it can take many men off guard. It is just for ensuring that you are safe and not in an abusive relationship. While you are there you will see urine sample jars. Take a few. It will be handy for future appointments to bring a urine sample with you if you are running late or anything and there is often a queue in the hospital for the toilet.
Lastly, congratulations. Enjoy it
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