Due in April

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Due in April

Postby IrishCatriona » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:49 am

Hi, new member here and my first post is regarding my Imminent arrival, which is due in April so I am getting a little bit stressed which I am going to go into in my next paragraph. First, it is another girl I am due but I am struggling to come up with a name plus I am getting so stressed about what needs bought for the arrival because all I have just now is the cot and baby bottles/milk.

Now onto my stress with my 7 yr old Daughter. She is going through a phase where she flat out refuses to wear a hat. She has "lost" 3 since December and she also doesn't zip her coat up.

I am off work on paternity leave just now so take her to school and pick her up. DD did not have her hat. She had it in the morning so she's lost it at school most likely.

It was 4 degrees this morning . DD was told several times to zip up and pull her hood up. Now I know I'm the mum and she is the kid but I am busy doing ALL the cooking/cleanning, shopping, help with homework, bath her and put her to bed and read a story without help from DH so do not get any time to myself .
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