Longer term ttc #1

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Longer term ttc #1

Postby googoogaga » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:42 pm

Hi ladies, hope you are all keeping well and if you're back to work today like myself, it wasnt too bad.
I just thought it might be helpful for some of us to set up a long term ttc train. I see all the wonderful ladies over on the next step/ivf train and whilst I am not there yet, I am 21 months ttc with not a hint of a bfp.. i have a lap scheduled for next week and the plan is ivf in June if no joy until then.

Its really bringing me down today and whilst the trains are a great support, we are all at different stages and it is hard to see the couple of ladies get. their bfp after a month or 2 ttc.

I am also conscious that I seemed to be straddling 2 trains and. that some ladies have longer cycles than others for various reasons and end up missing trains in between although we all still need the support.
And dont get me wrong, I am absolutely delighted for short term ttcers, its just tough for me if that makes sense.
sure I thought I would just try and set this up and if it takes off, great and if not, that's cool too.

cycle 21
History: all tests normal, slight thyroid issue now corrected. Lap jan16 cleared mild endo - couple of months ttc naturally& meeting consultant in May followed by iui in June (hopefully!).

cycle 12
History: tubal issues, hsg apptmt confirmed 20 jan, MMR to be refreshed before starting to try again :positive

cycle 14
History: all tests ok except oh motility. on vits to improve. Natural cycle and follicular tracking. dr appmt in 26Jan16 :angelflying :positive

cycle 2yrs+ :angelflying
History: all tests ok except low count on follicles /amh, hsg 13jan, all clear, couple of months naturally trying&maybe ivf

Cycle 1.3yrs :angelflying
History: Fibroid issue, surgery may be required to remove tube. Myomectomy scheduled for mid June, on eltroxin to bring tsh down, had 3 months decapeptyl injection mid March

Cycle 2+ years
History: mild pcos and underactive thyroid, IVF and ICSI. Hoping for natural cycle and maybe frozen cycle.

Cycle 14
History:3 rounds of clomnid. HCG and pelvic scan confirm possible endo.

Cycle 16
History: irregular ov, oh low motility, low prog. Scan w/e feb 16,2nd round clomid&monitoring feb/mar16. :positive after second IUI

Cycle 16 :angelflying
History, slight endo removed via lap,3 months clomid, low motility SA, 1 round ivf, starting long protocol Jan 16. EC 21st Feb

Cycle 2 years
History: All tests ok but has lp defect. last cycle using meds with timed intercourse. Iui scheduled :positive before iui :-)

Ttc 11 months. OH low motility. ICSI scheduled summer16.

cycle 1 year
History: all tests ok. OH SA #1 poor result #2&#3 normal. Diagnosed umbilical endo. No further endo found. Iui scheduled Feb16 :angelflying

Ttc 2 years
History: mid cycle spotting. Hysteroscop& d&c all clear. Next step bloods and OH's SA.

Woody :angelflying :angelflying
TTC 18 cycles
Tests show all ok except large fibroid which doesnt need removal.

TTC long term health issues. Attending clinic every 4-6 weeks. trying to resolve health situation for now

TTC 14 cycles
OH - SA issues, low motility and poor morphology
Next step advised IUI - may try naturally for a few cycles.

Tests showed oh sperm low motility. Lap&dye and Icsi planned summer16

Ttc 12 months. Lap&dye April 16. Tests all ok

Ttc 3 yrs diagnosed pcos, 9 cycles of Clomid and cyclogest. 6 month break. Next step IUI in Clane apr may 16
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby catlady » Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:20 pm

Hi Googoo! Thank you for starting this thread, This is the train I need too! I feel I don't fit anywhere at the moment... not yet at IVF but might be heading that way.

So, we're ttc 1 year. Tests showed up a tubal problem for me (hydro on right tube, and possible adenomyosis. Don't know what caused it except maybe undiagnosed endo? AMH, hormones and SA all normal.

I'm awaiting HSG and then that'll tell if I need surgery to remove one or both tubes. If both, then it's IVF for sure. If one, then we could try on our own for a bit but obviously we'd have reduced chances.

This all feels so surreal and I feel sick even typing it out. I have dreams about people announcing pregnancies and about awful medical things being diagnosed in me and my loved ones.

Hoping things will work out but no way of knowing, and any searches I do online give me conflicting results. I'm also considering alternative therapies like Mayan uterine massage (surely can't hurt?)

I'm sure there must be others in the long term ttc / undergoing investigations boat. Good luck to all.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby Maximama » Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:13 pm

This is a great idea Googoo.
I completely understand about those BFPs that happen within the 1st or second month of trying. Makes one feel completely inadequate.
Anyhoo, I'm waiting for AF to show and if she doesn't I'm checking in to the fertility clinic.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby googoogaga » Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:53 pm

Hi Catlady, is the hsg the same as a lap? when is yours scheduled for. hopefully you wont need surgery and if it is endo they can clear it out straight away. i know what you mean. you never think it will actually come to something that needs to be assisted but to be honest, at this stage, I would do anything to see a bfp and just want to fast forward to the assist part. its terrible really.
i have found myself secretly hoping for a problem that can be fixed. this unexplained business is a killer.
Ive read a lot of bfp stories post lap/hsg so fc for both of us.
maxi, hopefully you wont need to take that next step and af doesnt arrive. ur due soon right? the girls will miss you starting the regular trains with brilliant names if you join us but I suppose you will be leaving anyway if you get your bfp!!! :-) wow fc for you hon.
having been through all the tests let me know if uve any questions. im sure between myself and catlady we have everything covered at this stage!!!
catlady when is the next nb date for you and ill edit the original post to add you in.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby catlady » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:37 pm

Hi Googoo, I don't have a date for HSG yet, they said to call them on day 1 of my next cycle to schedule it. That should be this Friday (unless we get a miracle BFP instead...hah).

Can I ask have you had a HSG? I'm a bit worried about how painful is it? Also hoping they might do it on a Saturday as I can't really take time off work next week... but if I have to, I'll have to. If either of you have had one do you know what's the recovery time like, would it be feasible to be back in work the next day?

I've heard the same about laps and HSGs increasing fertility. Hopefully something works for us!
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby gettingimpatient » Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:03 pm

Hi girls..I hope you don't mind if I join ye ere..i think its a great idea..I've being trying over a yr also, 14th cycle now..I've be been thru all the tests and no problems with me.oh had low motility but has been on vitamins for couple of months now and is due a retest this month..hopefully it will av improved. We're due back in fertility clinic end of this month to begin follicle tracking and trigger shots..
Not sure about lap or hsg..I got sis done.it was uncomfortable, a bit painful but not too bad and I was ok the following day..like I said tho I'm not sure if they are alike..
Thanks for setting this thread up!
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby 2013Bride » Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:19 pm

Good idea googoo. I too am in limbo at the moment. We havent started the ivf route yet but we probably will be in probably april/may this year. (Hard to even write that)
have been ttc over two years, one bfp in oct 14 that ended in mc at 6.5weeks and no bfp since. Hubby hd sa done and all normal and i am ovulating so thw next step was amh for me which wasnt good for someone my age. Basically i have low egg count and a scan also showed i only have 9/10 follicles betwen both ovaries all of which mean we are unlikely to get pregnant without ivf.
I am having hsg wednesday next week privately (doesnt need to be done for ivf but we have decided to have it done and try for a couple of cycles in a last ditch attempt at conceiving without help).
If nothing happens it will def have to be ivf for us.
I totally understand how you are feeling and hearing of others announcements can really cut like a knife. When i hear of people on a second pregnancy i even get so jealous and angry cos i think why can they have 2 but i cant even have one.
Also finding out last month that im the reason we cant get pregnant has really knocked me but i just have to dust it off and keep going. What choice do we have!
Has your hubby had sa done?
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby googoogaga » Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:05 pm

hey catlady, I just googled hsg and it looks very similar to a hycosy which I have had done before. I had it on a Wednesday morn. Pain wise I would say that it was actually like a colposcopy to start off with and it was only painful when dr pushed the dye through - the pain took my breath away but only for about 10 seconds.. I think everyone's experience is different though.
afterwards I had light spotting and felt nauseous but was grand after a couple of hours. couldnt have gone back to work.
the lap is a bit different - surgery under general anaesthetic. Have a sick cert for a week afterwards!!!i have it next wednesday. eek.
welcome impatient and 2013. I think this train makes sense whwn we are on route to procedures and possibly ivf.
afm - I had bloods, transvaginal ultrasound, amh, hycosy and ohs SA done. all normal for my age which is 33 by way. i have very regular cycles and ovulating on time. bit of pain for 2 days of period but besides that nothing at all pointing to endo.
2013 best of luck with hsg. i hear flushing tubes is great for kickstarting things. I have also heard of plenty of girls getting pregnant with low amh. its really about luck and timing. so frustrating.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby mrsrichtea » Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:26 am

Hey ladies can I join as well though I'm stuck in limbo and not even actively trying currently?

Ttc history do far:

09/14 started ttc
04/15 day 3 & 21 bloods result ok
06/15 internal scan shows 6cm fibrous
08/15 bfp
09/15 ectopic and right tube removed
11/15 hsg dye didn't go through
11/15 MRI shows that fibroid is now over 10cm

Met the consultant (gynae) the week leading up to Christmas, looks like my remaining tube is blocked from the hsg, but she wasn't 100% sure whether it's blockage or the fibroid pressing on it so she wanted me to meet a senior fertility consultant to discuss options. But at the mean time we can't try.

Catlady hsg isn't too bad, it's only crampy when they inject the dye but do take nurofen 1 to 2 hours beforehand, get someone to pick you up from the hospital. They normally do it on cd 7 or 8 but you can't be still bleeding, best of luck.

Where are you getting lap done googoo? Fc you won't need more tests done after this. I hope this enhances your chances.

Best of luck with the hsg bride2013.

I hope your oh's result is better this time around gettingimpatient.

Fc af stays away maxi
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby googoogaga » Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:39 am

Ah mrsrichtea. Welcome. you poor thing. u really have been through the mill havent you?Can they remove the fibroid? when r you meeting the consultant? I know ur not actively ttc now but its in the pipeline. Its always nice to have company when going thru procedures / appmts. am getting lap done in st michaels in dun laoghaire but going thru merrion xxx
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby aandl » Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:54 am

Hi ladies!! I hope you dont mind me crashing.
Im not going to give u advice as i still havent my BFP.
But i just feel like this time last year i was you. And a year on i wish someone had said these things to me:

Or maybe the did and i wasnt ready to listen.

We all want our bfp right? Thats the end goal here.
We spend 100's on vitamins, acupunture, doc visits tests.. Next it turns into 1000's for procedures etc.

For me (not for everyone i do realise)
I REALLY wish i hadnt wasted so much money on IUIs, TI, etc etc
These things are costly. I was told so many times. U just need a helping hand..IUI/TI should be ur first step.
Although this works for SOME.. Not many.
Sure enough at our first IVF we dicovered we have a fertilization problem which would never have picked up on tests. And we never would have got pregnant with IUI/ti/ or even IVF.
We had to have ICSI.

10,000 later we figured tis out?
Now i am yet to get my BFP.. And i realise that some ppl do get pregnant from TI and IUI. But sadly i have been on these trains for over two years now.. And those ppl are few and far between.

I wish i had saved my pennies and gone straight to IVF/ICSI.. I would be no so finanically stung now.

Just food for thought.. That is all.

Maybe at the 12 mark, i was not ready to move on so aggressively, i just wish i had been.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby googoogaga » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:25 am

Hi Aandl, you are not crashing at all! All advice, esp from you ladies is v. v. welcome!!!
the consultant suggested straight to ivf given low success rates on iui. i will have to do more research on icsi but my question is can you just request icsi instead of ivf if you want it?
Hope you are doing ok and best of luck on your journey x
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby 2013Bride » Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:35 pm

Hi aandl. We havent started ivf yet or done any iui but i have to agree with you although i suppose all of our situations are different.
the clinic told me iui would be a waste of money for us as i have an egg problem but said if we wanted we could do one round but we decided they were right that it would be a waste of money. By the time i have my hsg done next week we will have spent €1000 on blood tests, semen analysis a hsg and a consultation. Thats even before we start any fertility treatment. Not to mentiom all the preseed, vitamins and countless pregnancy tests! Its not necessary for me to have the hsg if we are going for ivf but its just something i decided i would do and try for 2/3 cycles after before ivf.
There are so many tests and treatments and its all money after money so i think its really important as a couple to definitely sit down and think long and hard about what road to take. And i suppose listen to what the clinic says but also go away and think about it and maybe get a second opinion.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby catlady » Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:44 pm

Thanks Googoo and MrsRichtea, good to hear from people who've been through it or similar procedures. It says on the booking form mild cramping can occur, but I'm always thinking they could be downplaying it so as not to scare you!

Googoo, good luck with the lap. I wanted to go straight to lap because it's diagnostic and they can intervene at the same time if they see anything, rather than going back for a 2nd procedure after getting a diagnosis on HSG, but the consultant wouldn't do it as she said too many unknowns in my case at the moment.

Thanks Aandl for all the advice. We've agreed that if I end up with one tube we won't waste too much time ttc on our own / IUI before moving to IVF... our chances would be better with IVF and I'm worried about losing time as well. (I've just turned 33).

We'll be getting a second opinion as well before any surgery. It's just too important a decision to rush into, I feel. I know it increases costs but I think it's worth it.

The costs are scary. May not be going on holiday for some time...

And.... Babydust!
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby mrsrichtea » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:55 pm

The appointment with the consultant is scheduled for May googoo, I nearly fell off the chair when I got the letter. I went public when I got bfp back in August so I'm down as public in the system, looking into going private to see if that gets me an appointment sooner. Though I'm under no illusion that removing the fibroid is going to solve the tube problem and that I will need IVF, it's just a matter of when to get the fibroid removed - before or after IVF. Because of the size it'll be an abdominal surgery rather keyhole and recovery time will be longer, in that sense it would make me think getting it removed after. But on the other hand it can impair the chances of success and can cause miscarriage, it's just not an easy decision to make.
Thanks for the advance Aandl, I hope you get your bfp soon. When is your next cycle?
It's mad that they wouldn't do a lap just yet catlady, it's frustrating having to go back test after test and trying not to take too much time off work. Will they give you your result there and then or do you have to wait?
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby Mina101 » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:22 pm

Hi ladies. I'm joining this train too. Ttc #1 for just over 2 years. History wise I have mild pcos and underactive thyroid. They can't give us any other possible reasons for the delay.2 rounds of ivf. Both were icsi and normal ivf.. both bfn. we split the eggs we had and tried both options. We got one frozen from the first cycle, none from the second. Planning to put Mr freeze back in this week if my damn lining will come up some more! We've left him there in suspended animation for a year now and in a weird way have got a bit attached. How is that even possible?! I hate thinking about how much we've spent but as some have mentioned we looked at the success rates for iui versus ivf and just went straight to ivf. I'm 36 because we didn't want to mess around. I still think it was the right thing. I'm doing a natural cycle this time. I wish they had a shared risk scheme here as they do in the states. I just feel like clinics need a greater incentive to make it work rather than just clean up.anyway nice to "meet" you all. Mrsrichtea hope you get your appointment soon. I had a hysteroscopy a few times..not sure if that was the procedure you were talking about. Wasn't too bad. Took me a few days to recover though. They found a polyp on the first.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby gettingimpatient » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:14 pm

Hi all..hope ur all doing well..so I rang fertility clinic 2day to arrange follicle tracking and repeat sa analysis for oh...im.gonna try au natural again this month! Have consultation on 25th Jan so they'll discuss it all with us then,including ohs results to get me started for Feb. .i thought I'd feel better having it all organised but I dunno what's wrong with me..as soon as oh walked in the door this evening I just broke down..im just so angry at the moment that we have to go through all this..im kno that I sound like a spoilt brat,and so many people have been trying longer and gone through so much,but do any of ye ever feel like this? I had 3 preg announcements in family over Xmas n I think it's only getting to me now..I naively thought this time last yr that we'd av our little baby by now..its just hard to accept sometimes I suppose..sorry for the rant girls..feels good to get it off my chest tho..I feel bad sometimes laying all this craziness on oh's shoulders! He's so good and understanding but I know he's feeling the same as me but trying to hold it all together for me at the same time..
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby catlady » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:37 pm

Hi Mina, welcome to the group! So sad to hear your story. Hoping your little embie sticks this time.

Mrsrichtea, waiting till May is a long time. I don't know how you're fixed, but my GP wrote me a letter for 2nd opinion in the Rotunda, we're going private for it and it's only a month to wait. It's not too bad I think, 150euro for the consult (compared to IVF I mean). Could you get the opinion privately and then go public if you do go for the surgery? At least cut down on some of the waiting?

Gettingimpatient, I hear you. This month has been tough with all the Facebook posts of people's babies; and when my friend's baby smiled at me three days after I'd been given my news about my tubal problem, I nearly burst out crying in front of everyone. The only silver lining I can see so far is that this has clarified for me any doubts over whether I really wanted a child. So there's that.
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby googoogaga » Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:38 am

Welcome Mina, I can totally understand about the frozen embaby and becoming attached. It's ur little ray of hope! Anyway welcome to our little group. It's good to have somewhere to vent everything.
Impatient we all have those days, for me it was New Year's Eve. I just couldn't believe we were going into another New Years with no baby or bfp. And I was that girl who thought I was pregnant after our first month trying!!! I think my only advice is that there are very very few women who cannot conceive one way or another. It just might take a little longer for some of us but can you imagine when it happens? We will be so so appreciative... There was a girl in work that got pregnant on her 3rd month trying exactly 3 months after their wedding and she spent her entire pregnancy complaining about her body not being her own and not liking the changes to her body. Genuinely wanted to slap her!
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Re: Longer term ttc #1

Postby googoogaga » Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:48 am

Oh and Mrsrichtea,catlady is right.if you really can't wait, just go private.depending on doc you can get appmt relatively quickly&150 is normal cost of consult. I didn't need to do all the tests again before the consult as they were all done during the last 6 months so she accepted them even though testing was all done elsewhere
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