Looking for 28 - 32 wk

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Looking for 28 - 32 wk

Postby Kenmarephoto » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:34 pm

Hope this is okay with the board rules - It's a call for a model - not an advert. : )

Hi - I'm Nick Cavanagh a commercial and portrait photographer based in Kenmare County Kerry. I'm currently looking for someone to model for a 5 image portfolio session. Ideally between 28-32 weeks at the time of the shoot.
You can view my website nickcavanagh.ie and my email is nick at nickcavanagh dot ie

The session will probably last the best part of a day - both in the studio and on location. I want to create a series of images that sit together but all have a different feel. I'm deliberately going to be avoiding the typical feel of a maternity shoot, but this will be stylised and simple. We'll be creating something that is naturally beautiful and hopefully opens a new direction in maternity portraiture.

The storyboard is not yet finalised - but I'm hoping for the following images 1. white nightshirt , 2 arran sweater - coffee mug (Autumnal) 3. black evening dress and 4. possibly an image where the bump is lies above the water line in a local swimming pool.
(If the swimming pool shot is to be included - it might involve an early start).
I can't offer payment for this shoot - but am more than happy to produce the selected 5 images as a collection of prints.
This isn't a nude / boudoir shoot - and yes I'd be more than delighted if you came along with a partner or friend. The white nightshirt image is cotton and will offer a delicate by a naturally lit window - am assured that the nightshirt itself won't offer you embarrassment as long as worn with white underwear.

As you can imagine there's a lot goes into the prep of a big shoot like this - and whilst am hoping for the help of hair and makeup professionals - there probably would be an element of collaboration from everyone involved.

i.e. " I've already got a dress for a Christmas party, would that work?" -

I'm hoping to shoot on the weekend of the 24th - 25th of November - or possibly the 8th 9th December. This is largely dependent on the availability of a model.

If you have interest and want to know more - you can email me nick @ nickcavanagh.ie - It would be helpful to know your height, hair length and hair colour, dress size and details of any tattoos. (Tattoos are not necessarily an issue - I just don't want to have a big surprise on the day itself).

I don't want to take over the board with enquiries and probably won't be able to check back much anyway - so if you do want to know more email is great. Many thanks and good luck . Nick
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